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The string magician Zed Mitchell

He has the ability to play every string of a guitar with a personal touch. The string magician can make his instrument rock, sound virtuosic or weave melancholy soundscapes. When Zed Mitchell plays, blues music resounds with an inspiring facet.

The guitarist, singer and composer Zed Mitchell, who comes from the former Yugoslavia, is one of the best-known and most important guitarists in Europe. His life story is so varied and inspiring that many a guitar player wishes they could have one: Always fascinated by his instrument, he played on many stages as a teenager with several bands that were quite well-known in the former Yugoslavia and acquired his distinctive playing style, which he still uses today.

Finally, in 1970, he decided to dedicate his life to music and so he wrote, sang and played with passion together with his band “Land”. And just four years later, they scored their first international single hit with “Shoshana”. Television appearances and radio interviews followed this great success - and finally Zed Mitchell played for several years throughout Europe as a support act on the tours of Focus, Deep Purple and Ian Gillian. This time shaped his playing. He began to mix rock music and blues notes, explored the limits of his instrument and developed a new, headstrong power blues that was able to capture and translate moods perfectly even back then. The fact that Zed Mitchell was able to develop his own musical language is also thanks to the encounters and work on projects from that time as a studio musician. Many outstanding producers such as Malcolm Luker or film composer Nick Glennie-Smith, himself the right-hand man of two-time Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, accompanied him on his way and led to a constant development of his nimble finger playing and the sensitive way of eliciting specific, set notes from the strings of the guitar.

Artists such as Eros Ramazotti and Natalie Cole appreciated these skills and booked the string magician for their studio recordings. German stars also rely on Zed Mitchell's outstanding playing. Mitchell celebrated one of his greatest successes with the Munich Symphony Orchestra, for whom he recorded all the acoustic and electric guitars and whose CD has sold more than a million copies. He is proud to have immortalized himself with his guitar playing on the soundtrack of the blockbuster Indian Jones or to have played as a support act with his band for world stars such as Joe Cocker, Santana and B.B. King.

Together with many musical friends from the blues and rock scene in Germany, Zed Mitchell released his album “Springtime in Paris” in 2008, which was followed by “Summer in L.A.” in 2010, “Autmn in Berlin” in 2014 and “Winter in Amsterdam” in 2016. The new CD “WOW” was released in September 2018! These albums showcase the elegance and perfect craftsmanship of the string magician: played with rousing precision, celebrated sensitively and sensitively or interpreted fierily and expressively, Zed Mitchell builds musical castles with numerous facets for dancing, rocking or melancholic drifting. The dynamics of his dexterity and the pronounced joy of playing are palpable in every note, if not within reach, and show that as a professional musician he has a perfect command of his craft in all genres.

So it is not surprising that Zed Mitchell, with his expertise and flair, is still one of the “most wanted” musicians in Germany today. Music lovers, insiders and other artists count him among the top of the blues scene and mention his name in the same breath as artists such as Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore or Robert Cray. And anyone who has experienced Zed Mitchell live with his charming manner, who has heard the blues in the notes he plays, knows why.

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