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Authentic Tribute to The Doors

The Doors are considered one of the most influential bands of the 1960s whose frontman James Douglas “Jim” Morrison was one of the most charismatic personalities in rock music at the time. He would have turned 77 on December 08, 2020. July 3 of next year (2021) will mark the 50th anniversary of his death. He died mysteriously in Paris at the age of just 27 and his grave at the Père Lachaise cemetery in the east of Paris is still a place of pilgrimage for his many fans, both young and old.

Take a trip back to the sixties with The Doors in Concert, an authentic tribute band to the psychedelic US rock band The Doors. The Doors were unpredictable and notorious for their energetic live performances, especially the charismatic frontman Jim Morrison. It's the same with tribute band The Doors In Concert. With the same vintage instruments used by The Doors, The Doors in Concert are very close to the original sound. Visually, too, they are in no way inferior to the original - the resemblance of the band members to The Doors as they were known in the 60s is astonishing. The Doors In Concert offer a breathtaking live show that is bursting with energy. All you have to do is go, the band will do the rest.

The Doors in Concert are an authentic DOORS tribute band. The singer has the right look and the perfect voice, the keyboarder has many similarities with Ray Manzarek, the guitarist plays and sounds like Robby Krieger and finally the drummer can approach John Densmore's finest finesse.

Absolute authenticity is the hallmark of this tribute band. Only instruments that were played by the original band are used in order to get as close as possible to the real sound. Naturally, the Vox Continental, Gibson G-101 and the Gibson SG fit into this framework. The keyboardist from The Doors in Concert plays the bass lines with his left hand on a historically accurate silver-top Fender Rhodes piano bass, as does Ray Manzarek, who used exactly the same model. Of course, the vintage Fender amps and microphones are also used, just as THE DOORS did in their day.

Every instrument and every piece of technical equipment is carefully and lovingly modeled on the original equipment and put together so that the glorious original sound is preserved down to the finest detail.

The Doors in Concert thus produce the 'live' sound of the original band. The 'live' versions are often musically much more interesting and purer than the edited studio recordings.

Danny van Veldhuizen | Vocal
Willem Vonhof | Keys
Sander Compeer | Guitar
Daan van Ven| Percussion, Drums

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