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Bollock Brothers is an English punk/rock/synthesizer pop band founded in London in 1979 by London promoter, DJ and manager Jock Mcdonald. The rock music mix, which originates from the most original electropunk, forms the basis for idiosyncratic songs in which Mcdonald talks about his obsessions and passions with unmistakable spoken word.

These haunting lectures often deal with postmodern death cults and Catholicism (“Jesus Lived Six Years Longer Than Kurt Cobain”), horror films (“Drac's Back”), the apocalypse (“the four horseman”) or prominent or historical figures (“Brigitte Bardot”, “Henry the 8th”).

In addition to their own compositions, the Bollock Brothers have become known for their extraordinary cover versions of Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, Serge Gainsbourg, Aphrodite's Child, e.t.c., among others. Particularly outstanding is the cover of “Faith Healer” (Alex Harvey Band), which was released as a single due to its great popularity.

In the early days, the band attracted attention with bizarre publicity campaigns: Michael Fagan, the man who became famous for invading the Queen's bedroom in 1982, sang on the album released in 1983, on which the Sex Pistols album “Never mind the Bollocks” was covered as an electric version.

For a short time in 1980, Jimmy Lydon, Johnny Rotten's brother, also appeared as a singer.

Jock McDonald : Vocals (Doneagal, Irland)
Chris McKelvey : Guitar (Glasgow, Schottland)
Chesko Geert Vandekerkhof : Keyboard (Ostende, Belgien)
Richard Collins : Bass (London, England)
Patrick Pattyn : Drums (Ostende, Belgien)

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