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Everyone goes crazy - Tour part 2

With #21 in the German album charts and the incredibly successful release tour of the new album in spring 2024 behind them, the guys and girls from Butterwegge are delighted about the many requests for additional dates.

Butterwegge loves the time with the “Butterbande”, as the band calls their fans, and so it is that Ruhrpott punk rock, peppered with ska and reggae influences, will be at the start in 6 additional cities in fall 2024.

The Butterwegge strongholds of Bremen and Dortmund will be joined by 4 previously “unplayed” cities. With Leipzig, Dresden, Kronach and Siegen, the band is expanding its live map.

As a special treat, various songs that were not on the setlist in the spring will find their way onto the stage on the fall tour. As many dates of the spring tour were sold out very quickly, we advise you to take advantage of the advance booking.

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