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Robert Jon & The Wreck Establish a New Era of American Rock With ‘Ride Into The Light,’ Out Today

Legendary Producers Don Was, Dave Cobb, Kevin Shirley, and Guitar Virtuosos Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith Helped Carve Out a Timeless Sound for the Band’s Seventh Studio Album

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Southern California’s Robert Jon & The Wreck have released their eagerly anticipated seventh studio album, Ride Into The Light, out today via Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records. Showcasing a refreshed production approach, Ride Into The Light is the impressive outcome of the band’s collaboration with esteemed producers Don Was (John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt), Dave Cobb (Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton), and Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, The Black Crowes), along with guitar virtuosos Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith. This eclectic mix enabled the band to attain new heights in their musicianship and songwriting skills, evoking the timeless sound of classic bands such as The Allman Brothers Band, Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd and helping establish a new era in American rock.

“Robert Jon’s magic lives in his ability to seamlessly connect the hard riffs of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the soul of The Allman Brothers, and the hooks of Tom Petty into new songs that are free of cliches and full of power.” – Rock and Blues Muse

“Robert Jon & The Wreck are not just striking while the fire is still hot; they are the fire. And not only is album ‘Ride Into The Light’ a triumph, it is the sound of a band ultra-confident in the knowledge that they are onto something here.” – Devils Gate Music

“It’s all killer and no filler from the first note to the last.” – Blues In Britain

To celebrate the release, Robert Jon & The Wreck have released an official music video for the album’s title track, “Ride Into The Light.” Born from a powerful lyrical collaboration between lead guitarist Henry James Schneekluth and frontman Robert Jon Burrison, the song’s structure, guitar parts, and melody were already firmly set in Schneekluth’s mind before he introduced it to the band. But what makes the song special is the way it captures the band’s return to touring and working full-time, a journey made all the more meaningful following a particularly challenging and uncertain period. “I had been sitting on the musical idea for a while, and being able to go back to working and touring full time after a really dark and uncertain period inspired the words,” recalls Schneekluth. With “Ride Into The Light,” listeners are treated not just to the sounds of a band back in full swing, but to the triumph of returning to the road and to the studio after a difficult few years.

The release of Ride Into The Light follows a nearly ninemonth rollout which saw Robert Jon & The Wreck showcase their wide range with a series of dynamic singles. Kicking off the series was Pain No More, which dives deep into themes of emotional pain and heartbreak, while “Who Can You Love” offers a reflective Americanainfused rock ballad, both showcasing the band’s musical and emotional depth. The former, a riffdriven roots rock track, was cowritten with Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke and produced by eighttime Grammy Award winner Dave Cobb. Meanwhile, “Who Can You Love” was recorded under the guidance of multiGRAMMY Awardwinning producer Don Was at Hensen Studios in Los Angeles, offering a timeless southern rock ballad that questions what one looks for in a partner.

Come At Me was released next and quickly became an instant rock & roll classic, celebrating the fun, upbeat aspect of the band’s music. With Don Was once again at the production helm, the song was an effortless creation during the band’s summer recording sessions. “One Of A Kind” followed as a supercharged rock & roll anthem, remembered by the band as a creative adventure that started with simple riffs and culminated in an aweinspiring result, thanks to Cobb’s guidance. In contrast, “Bring Me Back Home Again” delivered a blistering southern rock anthem that echoed touching sentiments of love and isolation, meticulously produced by Kevin Shirley at Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

The sunsoaked Americana ballad “West Coast Eyes” served as a tribute to the LA session musician scene across different decades. Written on tour with Tom Hambridge and produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, it emerged as a delightful sonic experiment featuring renowned session keyboardist, Jeff Babko. Lastly, the uplifting “Don’t Look Down” arrived as an energetic anthem of positivity. Produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, the single carried powerful encouragement to remain focused on the positive, marking an empowering finale to the band’s run of exceptional singles.

As if this wasn’t enough, this year also saw Robert Jon & The Wreck release their firstever concert film, Live At The Ancienne Belgique, which dropped in April. Recorded during their soldout show at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium on June 29th, 2022, the live CD/DVD set captures the Wreck amid their longestever tour 67 performances in 75 days across 9 countries. The night was nothing less than spectacular, featuring a setlist that spanned the last decade of their prolific career, from their 2013 debut to their 2022 release. Watch the official live music video for “Oh Miss Carolina” NOW and purchase/stream Live At The Ancienne Belgique HERE.

Prolific songwriters with a wealth of new material who refuse to be constrained by traditional release strategies, the band’s new partnership with Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records affords them the opportunity to work with the world’s top producers and release a steady stream of highquality singles on an ongoing basis, cutting through the industry chaos and ensuring new music is accessible to fans as intended.

Reigning from Southern California, Robert Jon & The Wreck take the Southern rock sound from the east coast and make it their own. Since their inception in 2011, these native Californians; Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Espantman (drums, background vocals), Henry James Schneekluth (lead guitar, background vocals), and Warren Murrel (bass) have been electrifying audiences all over the world with their soaring guitar leads, rich vocal harmonies, and memorable tunes. Recently, keyboardist Jake Abernathie joined the band as an official member as they continue to tour and record in the studio. Simply put, it is difficult to ignore when these talented musicians take the stage.

As part of the band’s efforts to share this new music with fans, Robert Jon & The Whe Wreck will embark on an extensive tour schedule. Over the course of 2023 and next year, they will travel across the United States and Europe. A series of summer jams will take place across the United States starting in August, followed by a massive European tour, which will cross numerous countries as the band takes their southern rock energy across the pond. The tour begins in Germany and travels to the Netherlands, UK, France, Austria, and Switzerland. The band will then embark on a U.S. Fall tour in November, starting as support for the Mavericks for 4 shows and then their own headline tour across the country until the 10th of December.

Ride Into The Light by Robert Jon & The Wreck
1. Pain No More – Produced by Dave Cobb
2. Who Can You Love – Produced by Don Was
3. Come At Me – Produced by Don Was
4. One Of A Kind – Produced by Dave Cobb
5. Bring Me Back Home Again – Produced by Kevin Shirley
6. West Coast Eyes – Produced by Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith
7. Don’t Look Down – Produced by Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith
8. Ride Into The Light – Produced by Kevin Shirley

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