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A celebration of The Eagles

7 Irish brothers and three friends conquer the stages of the world with their tribute to the “Eagles”

“Hotel California”, “Take It Easy”, “New Kid In Town”, “Desperado”, “Take It To The Limit”, “One Of These Nights”. Everyone knows the world hits by the Eagles and can sing along all over the world and every now and then something magical happens when the right combination of musicians come together, as is the case with the Irish band “Take It To The Limit”.

Johnny Brady, Simon Casey, Nigel Connell and The Sheerin Family Band are established and successful artists in Ireland under their own names. With “Take It To The Limit” they come together to pay tribute to one of the most successful country rock bands of all time - “The Eagles”.

The Eagles are considered the figurehead of American West Coast music. With over 160 million records sold, they are still one of the most successful bands in the country. With the album “Hotel California”, the Eagles produced one of the most outstanding albums in rock history.

Trademarks of the Eagles sound are harmonically precise, polyphonic vocals on the musical basis of country music, folk, bluegrass and rock music and this is exactly what “Take It To The Limit” reflects.

The band was initiated and created by The Sheerin Family Band. These are the brothers - Paul, Des, Danny, Kieran, Tom & Simon. They are known for their tight, clear harmony vocals and attention to detail. This extended Irish family has accompanied some of the biggest names in music history including Billy Ocean, Mel C., Curtis Stigers, Paul Carrack, Charlie Pride, Nathan Carter.

Singers Johnny Brady, Simon Casey and Nigel Connell each have huge careers in their own right, with distinctive voices and energetic performances. Each of these singers has enjoyed great success and are frequent performers in the Irish charts. Platinum awards and top 10 hits are the order of the day.

This unique ten-piece ensemble of top-class musicians from the young, new Irish country scene set out to pay homage to their role model. Unforgotten hits such as “Hotel California”, “Take It Easy”, “New Kid In Town” and many more are interpreted in a unique way, so that goose bumps are guaranteed.

In spring 2024, most of the concerts in Germany were sold out and now “Take It To The Limit” are going on tour again in the fall due to high demand.

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