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A homage to the Scottish superband RunRig

RunRig were one of the most successful Scottish bands, who had a loyal fan base in Denmark and Germany as well as Scotland, with several number one hits and albums in the charts. The Scottish Celtic rock band was founded in 1973 on the Isle of Skye. The band released fourteen studio albums, with some of their songs also being sung in Scottish Gaelic.

Runrig's music is often described as a mixture of folk and rock music, with the band's lyrics often revolving around places, history, politics and people that are or were unique to Scotland. This traditional reference in the music, but also in the lyrics, some of which have Gaelic lyrics, characterizes the band's uniqueness and creates the fascination of their music. Rarely has a band succeeded in creating this identity between country and music like RunRig.

In 2016, the band announced that, following the release of their 14th studio album The Story would retire from the studio and announced her last tour for 2017 The Final Mile In August 2018, Runrig played the last show of their farewell tour under the title The Last Dance in Stirling City Park, which was attended by an estimated 52,000 fans.

It would have been RunRig's 50th anniversary in 2023 if the band had still been around.

Richie Muir, a singer and guitarist from Edinburgh who lives in Nottingham, but above all is a huge, lifelong Runrig fan, had the idea to keep this fantastic music alive and formed RunRig Experience, a band that celebrates the music of RunRig and with it this anniversary - and closes the gap.

"From the beginning, we didn't want to be a tribute band that just pretends. We wanted the show to be a celebration of RunRig's music. Yes, we wanted it to sound authentic and represent what RunRig was all about, but it's not just about filling the void they left behind. It's about celebrating their music and their incredible contribution to the music industry, to Scotland as a whole and to the small, meaningful moments in their fans' lives. We wanted to put on a show where people could come, enjoy themselves, sing, dance, celebrate and remember, and I think we've really achieved that. Ben Marshall "(member of RunRig Experience )

Immerse yourself in the fascination of Scotland with RunRig Experience, the uniqueness of the Highlands is a must for every Scotland fan and for RunRig fans the songs are finally brought back to life and preserved.

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