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Christian Steiffen presents: The Kong of Rock'n Roll Mission to Dortmund

The concert will be postponed to 16.01.2025 for logistical reasons. Tickets remain valid.



Reverend Hardy Hardon is coming to Dortmund with his Church of Elvis on June 1, 2024 to celebrate the one true religion. We will sing Elvis songs, worship the King and let the holy light of Las Vegas into our hearts. We will accept new members into the Church of Elvis in an atmospheric ceremony and someone will relive Elvis' last journey and fall off the toilet for us. And there will be a lot of Elvis music. He is our rock and he is our roll.

The 12-piece band grooves like hell and carries Reverend Hardon into heavenly spheres.

And so this time, too, we will succeed in winning new disciples so that we can all say with conviction at the end: Allright Mama!!!

Reverend Hardy Hardon and the Church of Elvis consists of Christian Steiffen, Die Angefahrenen Schulkindern, Members of Tito and Tarantula, Blues Company, Tommy Schneller Band.

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