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Wonderlust Tour 2024

There is music that is passed on from one generation to the next without losing any of its excitement and authenticity. Anyone who has heard the album “Pampered Mental” by the group “Pavlov's Dog” - founded back in 1972 in St. Louis Missouri - will be deeply impressed by a sound that is in some ways unique.

The mixture of classical and rock, folk and pomp - carried by David Suhrkamp's surely incomparable falsetto voice - is part of the genetic substance of a musical genre that is now called “prog”.

Beautiful songs - for decades, “Julia” has been a must at every cuddle party - and remarkable instrumentation cast a magical spell over the listener. Acoustic and electric guitars interweave with mellotron and violin sounds. Rhythmic hard rock phases alternate with spherical melodic arcs - and then there's always that unearthly voice.

Over the decades, the line-up of the band has changed again and again without the musical spectrum being narrowed down any further.

The album “Pampered Mental” - with the famous dog on the cover and the long-running hit “Julia” - immediately brought the band worldwide popularity in 1975. There was speculation as to whether David Suhrkamp produced these vocal acrobatics with the help of helium. However, the following album “At the Sound of the Bell” also managed to inspire just as many people.

A long radio silence followed. Their third album “Third” wasn't released until the early 90s, but it wasn't until the new millennium that the band began touring internationally and were probably amazed at how many people wanted to see “Pavlov's Dog” live for the first time.

In fact, the band went back into the studio and continued at the same level where they had left off at the end of the 70s. And the melodies remained beguiling and the sound out of this world.

The album “Prodigal Dreamer” was released in 2018 - and what was on the cover? That's right! A cocky fat dog. The album exceeded all expectations and was celebrated by the music press. It was named album of the month in the prog magazine “eclipsed” and even came 14th in the list of the year's best. The band was undoubtedly a topical act - the tours were successful throughout Europe.

In 2023, PAVLOV's DOG went on an extremely successful European tour. Fans & media were equally enthusiastic.

PAVLOV's DOG is currently working on a new album that should be released in time for the tour - while none other than Thomas Ruf (Ruf Records) has secured the complete back catalog and will re-release it soon.

We are delighted that PAVLOV's DOG is coming to Europe again in 2024.

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