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11 Onze – Tour 2024

Lazuli: Progrock with world music influences from France - mystical, lyrical, progressive, rocking, enchanting

Anyone who has ever experienced Lazuli's incredible musical mixture live is bound to fall for her. Elements of progressive rock, chanson, folk and world music meet the most incredible sounds and violent percussion thunderstorms. There are not so many categories that Lazuli's music could be pigeonholed into. And for those who do need comparisons for this incomparable music, the description “King Crimson meets Peter Gabriel” might provide an approximate yet inadequate explanation.

The five-piece band also uses an unusual set of instruments: marimba and vibraphone are already very rare on rock stages and yet these instruments are not as special as the strange stringed instrument called “Leode”, which Lazuli developed themselves and of which there is only this one example in the world. The band's sound is thus enriched by a complete, previously unheard sound cosmos.

The upcoming tour bears the title of the current album of the same name, “11 Onze Onze”. The prog album was created during the lockdown in the brothers Dominique and Claude Leonetti's own recording studio in the south of France.

It is the eleventh album - with eleven tracks, of course. According to the band, which is also flirting with many world music and acoustic as well as very time-critical elements this time, there are also other messages hidden on it: “This number is a mirror number. It often symbolizes the inner struggle, a “losing oneself”. And at the same time, it can be seen as a rebirth. Certainly, a melancholy, a “spleen”. A gray shadow runs through these eleven compositions like a series of images from these uncertain times, like a chiaroscuro painting.”

The concerts that Lazuli have played so far in Germany, Poland, the UK, Switzerland and France have left audiences astonished and completely amazed (or disenchanted), and critics have been full of praise. The band has long since outgrown its status as an insider tip. They have made an excellent name for themselves among a discerning and appreciative audience. Lazuli are a band for curious people. Anyone who gets involved with this music will be rewarded a thousand times over for their openness.

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