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Head above water Tour 2024

After LAURA COX After causing a sensation on YouTube with her cover versions of blues and rock classics, she became the most watched guitarist and singer on the French and international rock scene with 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 105 million views.

With her powerful solos, catchy choruses and unbridled voice, she has not only taken the internet by storm (250,000 followers on Facebook and 140,000 followers on Instagram).

Laura is now making the big stages and festivals of Europe unsafe with her blues rock, impressing audiences not only with her powerful and versatile voice, but above all with her extraordinary guitar playing.

Therewith LAUA COX has catapulted herself into the ranks of the greatest female guitarists, and is there seriously anything cooler than being mentioned in the same breath as Nancy Wilson (Heart), Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), The Runaways or Joan Jett, just to name a few?

Her Debüt-Album „Hard Blues Shot" (2017) sold over 10,000 copies in France in just a few months and she achieved the highest recognition among her guitarist colleagues worldwide.

The second album "Burning Bright", released by Verycords/Warner in November 2019, is "high voltage rock'n'roll" in the style of AC/DC and Danko Jones meets Joan Jett, mixed with southern and blues influences. That's why Laura herself defines her style as "Southern Hard Blues" - a mix of genres and bands she grew up with.

Her new and 3. album "Head Above Water" will be released by Earmusic in January 2023 and follows on seamlessly from its two predecessors.

LAURA COX is the driving force behind a generation of new rock guitarists!

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