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The Dark Country Kings

This band smells like DUST & GASOLINE – Jack & Jock – THE DARK COUNTRY KINGS

Take a pinch of freedom, wild west, motorway bourbon, diesel and bikes, spice it up with dark, hard country style and you get KNUCKLE HEAD.

KNUCKLE HEAD are different. They are raw, wild and musically impressive. A duo bursting with energy and intensity. Forget all the duos you've seen before!

JACK's (guitar/voc) vocals and guitar playing take cues from blues and country standards, but sound heavier with a metal, stoner, psychedelic, desert rock influence. His guitar sound sounds like a jet fighter taking off. JOCK (drums) is a real hard rock / alternative drummer, bursting with energy and providing the right drive for the songs. If you close your eyes, you won't believe that this sound on stage comes from a duo.

The first KNUCKLE HEAD EP “First Ride” was released in 2016 “, just a few months after Jack & Jock first met by chance in a bar and started jamming. The first album “II” (two) was released in 2019 and received great feedback from the French press. Due to their style, show and live sound, KNUCKLE HEAD were immediately booked to open for the Rival Sons, Brian Seltzer and others.

The release of their second album “Holsters & Rituals” was accompanied by a massive press campaign in France. The band has since performed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, many different international Biker & Harley Days, metal and mainstream rock festivals.

“Knuckle head, the Kings of the Dark Country“ – Rolling Stone France
“Spectacular duo” – Liberation
“An absolute consecration” – My Rock
“Knuckle Head Rocks” – Rock Hard Fr
“A fabulous journey in the Dark Country” – United Rock Nation
“A Rock sound prodigy” – Hard Force
“Entering the big league” – Guitar Part
“Fucking Awesome !” – Cafe Racer Magazine

Knuckle Head – Gazoline – (Official Video)
Knuckle Head – Burn (Official Video)

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