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The CURE Tribute Band

Four Imaginary Boys - Germany's most popular and Europe's most booked The Cure tribute band - consists of four passionate musicians who have passionately dedicated themselves to the complete works of The Cure since 2006 and pay homage to the spirit of the legendary wave gods.

When you think of The Cure, you think of Robert Smith's unmistakable and inimitable voice. Imitation or even parody are out of the question, so it's just as well that the frontman of the Four Imaginary Boys seems to be a vocal soulmate.

The Four Imaginary Boys are not interested in being pure clones of their heroes. It is much more important to them to create the unique atmosphere of the Cure songs with spherical sounds and soundscapes and to transfer it to the audience.

So the real stars of the evening are the immortal songs by The Cure, which have shaped generations of gothic/alternative/pop bands to this day.

The Four Imaginary Boys are:
Martin Strasser (vocals, guitar)
Fred Jacobsson (bass, vocals)
Roberto Broch (guitar)
Florian Prantl (percussion)

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