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Boppin’ B

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boppin' B is back in town! And when Germany's most successful rock'n'roll quintet gets going, all the knobs are turned up to eleven - including sweat, good humor and smiling faces in front of and on stage. The musical five-piece may have already eaten a lot of dust on the streets of Europe in the years since the band was founded in 1985, but the evening's performance always rewards them for all their efforts.

Due to the corona lockdown, the normally well-worn seats in the band bus have stored up a lot of extra energy reserves that need to be used up in a wild, crazy performance: It feels like the double bass is being played from all directions and climbed just as much as the amplifiers, the drums or even one or two band members.

Around 70 shows could not be played due to the pandemic, so the band is all the more pleased to be back on stage, fresh and unspent. In short: having fun and not taking everything too seriously - least of all themselves, as evidenced by the title of the album released at the beginning of 2020: “We Don't Care”, which even cracked the German album charts.

Oh yes, speaking of fresh and unspent: Since 2018, new frontman Michi Bock has been providing new sounds on the mic and even more life on and in front of the stage, continuing the successful journey that has been going on for decades. Standing still is a thing of the past - Boppin' B is still at the cutting edge and sometimes even a little ahead of its time.

Boppin’ B sind:
Michi Bock – Gesang
Golo Sturm – Gitarre
Frank Seefeldt – Sax
Didi Beck – Kontrabass
Thomas Weiser – Trommel

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