Opening perspective

Dear friends!

Due to the falling incidence in Dortmund, there is soon already the possibility to reopen at least limited the outdoor gastronomy. We would like to do this again and open our beer garden for you. However, this will take some time due to upcoming and at the moment already ongoing construction and renovation measures.

We estimate that the ongoing and planned work will continue until about the middle/end of August. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible for us to open before then. However, as soon as the work is completed, we will open promptly and much nicer for you.

We are already looking forward to you and to unforgettable evenings at Piano

Your Musiktheater Piano Team

STREAM INTO MAY +++ Music and talk from Dortmund night culture

+++ presented by IG Dortmunder Club- und Konzertkultur +++
+++ with the kind support of the Kulturbüro Dortmund +++
Friday, 30.04.2021, from 20:00 to 0:00 - Link: we post promptly!
Whereas people used to dance debauchedly into May on April 30, there is silence again this year. Dortmund's clubs have been closed for exactly 412 days. But we are still there.
And to prove it, we've put together a free stream from Grandma Doris for you to dance into May.
We have invited your favorite local artists who will spin records for you and with Cosmo Klein we even have a live act. In between our host will talk to the guests Dimitri Hegemann from Tresor.West, Hendrikje Spengler from Kulturbüro Dortmund and DJ Larse.
The difficult times have brought all cultural workers closer together and together we also want to face the future. And we miss you, too, of course. That's why we want to spend an evening with you and talk about everything that has happened in Dortmund's club and concert culture in the last year. Together with our talk guests, we also want to take a look at how things could continue for us and you. Translated with (free version)
We are looking forward to your support!
Stay home, follow the rules and let us entertain you.
Line Up:
DJ Emby (Weinkeller)
Rosa v. Funktronix (Großmarktschänke)
Cosmo Klein & Dirk Berger & Thomas Stieger – live – (Musiktheater Piano)
DJ Larse (Oma Doris)
Stefan Moerken (Silent Sinners)
DJ Stingray (Tresor.West)
Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor.West)
DJ Larse (Oma Doris)
Hendrikje Spengler (Kulturbüro Dortmund)
Soeren Spoo (Top Hits Dortmund)

At the turn of the year thanks to Ulli and Voxe

Dear friends of the Piano Music Theater,

the year is coming to an end and now also our long and good cooperation with the Schneider family. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulli and Voxe for the years together in the beautiful piano! It was a wild ride in Rock'n'Roll with you and a great time! We thank you for that!
We wish you all the best for the future and especially health and happiness.
Happy New Year to all and here's to a better 2021!
Your Musiktheater Piano Team
Photo by Lars Wege

Update and Christmas Greetings

Dear friends of the Musiktheater Piano,

This year was probably the most difficult year of our careers. Uncertainty, doubts and a lack of perspective have worn on all our nerves. But thanks to you and your moral and financial help, we have survived it all and are now looking optimistically to the new year 2021. Surely it will take a few more months until we can resume halfway normal play, but an end is in sight.

Also the sale of the building is meanwhile abgeshlossen and we can say that we have with the family Budin a really very nice and competent new landlord. At this point we would like to thank Uta and Rita Budin for the talks and perspectives that have arisen so far. We are looking forward to working with you.

The team of Musiktheater Piano and 3 dog entertainment wishes all our loyal visitors and friends a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year. Our hope is that we will experience great concerts together with you again and have a good time together at the latest from autumn 2021. In any case, we will do everything to make this possible. And with your support and help we will make it happen.

Until then, please stay safe and sound. As a friend of ours so aptly said: "Close your eyes and dance". We have nothing more to add to this....

Your team from the music theater Piano and 3 dog entertainment

... unfortunately not this year

Dear ones!

Unfortunately we have to cancel the "Rockin around the Christmas Tree" Weekender this year with a heavy heart.

We move one year and the new date is 17./.18. + 19.12.2021.

Currently we are still talking to all the bands from this year in the hope that we can see them all live next year.

We will keep you up to date on the line up and then also on the advance ticket sales.

Stay healthy!

Your Piano-Team

What happens next?

Dear friends of the Musiktheater Piano,

As many of you have already noticed, the building Lütgendortmunder Strasse 43 is for sale. Let us assure you that nothing will change for you and us. We are in active contact with the real estate agent and the owners. It is in all our interests to continue the piano and its program in the usual way. We have already booked numerous concerts for 2021 and 2022. We would not do that if we had the slightest doubt that everything would continue as usual. As soon as the new owner of the building is determined, we will sit down with him/her and discuss everything else.

Topic Corona:

At the moment we assume that we will be able to return to "normal gaming operations" by autumn 2021 at the latest. Until then we will hopefully hold out, also thanks to your generous support.

You see, Covid 19 is a greater threat to the survival of the piano than the sale of the building.

We are looking forward to experiencing great concerts with you in this unique location in the coming years.

Your Piano-Team


Dear friends of the Musiktheater Piano,

tomorrow evening we will have another drink with you and then we have to close the doors until the end of November.

Of course we are unfortunately unable to hold the concert with Yasi Hofer and will inform you about a possible catch-up date as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support and hopefully for better times.

Your Musiktheater Piano Team


Dear friends of the Musiktheater Piano,

The following changes result from the current situation:

  • Concerts: Unfortunately the concerts of Safe by Sound on 17.10. and Zed Mitchell on 23.10. are cancelled. We will of course try to make up for these. The current regulations also provide for an MNS at the seat and we don't want you to have to do that.
  • Pub operation and general opening hours: from now on we will open the pub on Fridays from 19.00-23.00 (official closing time). The piano will remain closed on all other days for the time being.

We are watching the further development very closely and as soon as there are any changes we will inform you about them.
Otherwise, of course, we regret the restrictions, but we are also aware of our responsibility.
We thank you for your support and understanding and hope to see you all soon.

Your Musiktheater Piano Team