What happens next?

Dear friends of the Musiktheater Piano,

As many of you have already noticed, the building Lütgendortmunder Strasse 43 is for sale. Let us assure you that nothing will change for you and us. We are in active contact with the real estate agent and the owners. It is in all our interests to continue the piano and its program in the usual way. We have already booked numerous concerts for 2021 and 2022. We would not do that if we had the slightest doubt that everything would continue as usual. As soon as the new owner of the building is determined, we will sit down with him/her and discuss everything else.

Topic Corona:

At the moment we assume that we will be able to return to "normal gaming operations" by autumn 2021 at the latest. Until then we will hopefully hold out, also thanks to your generous support.

You see, Covid 19 is a greater threat to the survival of the piano than the sale of the building.

We are looking forward to experiencing great concerts with you in this unique location in the coming years.

Your Piano-Team

1 thought on “Wie geht’s weiter?”

  1. Liebe Jenny, lieber Thomas,
    Ich hoffe, fűr uns alle, dass das Piano mit Euch uns erhalten bleibt. Haltet durch, irgendwie. Passt auf Euch auf und bleibt gesund 💞 🍀 🍀 liebe Grűsse Inge 😘

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